Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness

In both anticipated and live litigation settings, we provide technical advice and guidance to litigation teams in high profile, complex federal matters concerning election challenges and voting rights disputes. We also can provide expert witness service, framing reports and live testimony (including depositions) to help courts to understand complex matters in the elections and voting arenas. Examples include matters related to race discrimination in public policy, gerrymandering, and racially polarized voting.

Amicus Representation

In appellate courts (including state and federal courts), Crimcard brings deep experience framing persuasive amicus briefs, including those that help translate social science data research on behalf of organizations in major national litigation. Clients include legislative caucuses, academic alliances, and advocacy groups in advancing their interests.

Policy Advising

For organizations that seek greater influence in the process of redistricting, Crimcard has provided background reports and advice to help frame the interests that are presented to decision makers. Based on his experience with both legislative bodies and independent commissions, we can develop customized presentations that illustrate both the clients practical interests in mapping as well as any legal considerations that decision makers should know as they design districts.

Redistricting Guidance

When a decision making body is designing district maps, Crimard has provided valuable advice and guidance to public officials. This work would include designing a process for receiving testimony and information, for reviewing proposed work, and assessing the likely practical and legal consequences of a particular district configuration. These services can be tailored to the specific needs of the client (for example, the production of a report that reviews a map) or they can be comprehensive (where a jurisdiction prefers a manager of the process from beginning to end).

Research & Strategy

Non-profit organizations and funders often are increasingly interested in supporting democracy-enhancing institutions. Whether the intended strategy involves creating a grassroots program to support local citizen engagement organizations or developing a broad-scale funding portfolio to support organizations that work in the democracy space, Crimcard has offered support and informed advice about how to frame projects that advance a client's agenda in the most effective way.