Meeting you at the intersection of

law, policy and race.

Kareem brings a combination of deep Southern roots, broad interdisciplinary skills, and wide-ranging expertise that help make democracies work for everyone.
Court Street Fountain, Montgomery, Alabama

National Impact

See where Dr. Kareem Crayton's experience as a scholar, consultant and expert have made a difference for clients across the United States.

Crimcard Consulting

Founding Partner & Manager
A multidisciplinary firm that provides public and private clients with research guidance and advisory services. Crimcard offers tools, insights, and strategies necessary to enhance their ability to increase efficacy and opportunity in the political marketplace.

Foundation for Society Law and Art in South Africa

Founding Board Member & General Counsel
A collection of former law clerks and friends of South Africa's Constitutional Court that promotes the values of human rights and reconciliation through robust artistic expression. The Foundation is the engine behind an endowment that sustains the Constitutional Court's human-rights themed collection of world class art.

Creative Bounty

Co-Creator & Partner
As human beings we express ourselves through what we build and create. Politics, like art, is an expression of our morals and values in the public square. Creative Bounty invests in mechanisms for creative and artistic political education

MCC Theatre

Board Member
An off Broadway theater company that has redefined the New York theater scene.  Located in Hell's Kitchen, the company is celebrated for developing and producing work that challenges artists, audiences, and students alike to ask difficult questions at every stage of the creative process.

Kareem Crayton, J.D, Ph.D.

Dr. Kareem Crayton has more than two decades of experience shaping and strengthening democratic institutions. Spanning the scholarly, advocacy, and policy arenas, Kareem’s unique career is both deep and varied. His background and expertise inform a distinct perspective, which he uses to generate and promote innovative and effective ways to enhance democracy to serve an increasingly diverse society.